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Some of the published scores contain errors.

Below you can find corrections.

The Red Fantasy

When I initially wrote "The Red Fantasy", I had included some blues licks in the "Barbera" section.  When I published the score with Doberman Editions, I removed the blues licks. However, Odair Assad, to whom the piece is dedicated, recorded the piece with the blues licks.  You can download the "Barbera Alternative" PDF  here, or click on the image below.

Three River Moments

"Three River Moments" was published by Henry Lemoine Editions.  

MOVEMENT NO. 1: "Undercurrents" 


Measure #11, Beat 3, the fingering should be the following (edits are in blue):

MOVEMENT NO. 2: "The River Bed" 


Measure #2, Beat 1, lower voice should be an 1/8th followed by a 1/16th:

"The River Bed" Measure #13, Beat 4, should be a C#, not an A.

"The River Bed" Measure #41, Beat 4, should be a D Natural, not a D#

MOVEMENT NO. 3: "Riptide" 


Measures #35, 39, 150 and 154 should include an open D on the first beat's chord:

The Fourth Stream

MOVEMENT NO. 2: "Yesler Way" 


Measure No. 115 first two notes should be F and G, not Eb and F:

MOVEMENT NO. 3: "The Viaduct" 


CODA: A natural; Bb  as indicated by arrows

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